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Colombian Emerald Mines are Captivating and Fascinating!!

Emeralds the "Green Gold” of Colombia

Known to be the world capital of Emeralds, Muzo and Chivor are famous for producing the best emeralds in the world. Yet they are rather small towns that require you to go deep into regional Colombia to discover them.

In our tour you will see the Commercial Hub of Emeralds in Bogotá (Colombia’s capital city), travel through the beautiful region of Boyacá, visit Villa de Leyva, a marvelous historic town declared National Monument in 1954, and of course, visit Muzo and Chivor and go deep into the most famous Emerald Mines in the world.

What makes Colombian Emeralds so special?

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Jay Vargas - GIA Graduate Gemologist and Emerald Enthusiast

Hi, ever since I was Young, was always Fascinated by the Earth Geology!  Having a Father as a Geologist & Family! So I took the same route, an become a Gemologist from (GIA) 30 Year´s ago! Ever since I have work in the Corporate world & then decided to go on my own!  Have travel to a lot of Beautiful Places looking for Mining Ventures! Came across My Mother Country Colombia, which has so much diversity! I set forth a Goal to show others the beautiful & enchanted Sceneries of Colombia has to offer. With this Idea came to having this Beautiful Adventurous Mining Tour! Which a lot of people have not ever Adventure it. So lets get down here an become the ADVENTURE!  




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